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Heavy duty cleaner EF-80 Green Cleaning Products

Welcome to Green Stream

In the world community, the most common challenges are preserving and sustaining continuous growth and development in an environmentally conscious manner. Here at Green Stream, we as a company stand firm in our commitments to develop continuous solutions through the use of environmentally sound products. Our founder, with nearly two decades of experience within the industrial field, developed Green Stream as a brand to provide the highest quality of industrial products and services with a matched sense of professionalism and care for our customers.

Providing green cleaners, degreasers, work gloves, oil absorbents and much more, Green Stream supplies environmentally efficient alternatives to nearly 350 manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest. Choosing the right products guarantees efficiency, while ensuring safety for the environment, the facility, and the employees. Offering only proven quality products, our 99.7% customer satisfaction rating puts our customers at the forefront of progressive industrial leaders.

Positioning our customers as partners within the Green Stream family, it is our highest priority that our clients find the most suitable products for their individual needs. Offering green cleaning products and heavy duty work gloves, our expert managers are happy to guide you to GREENER pastures! Sizing questions? Got it! What’s best for your facility? Right there with you! Trying to reduce costs? Bingo! The Green Stream family is here to help!

By eliminating three waste streams our sister company, Closed Loop Recycling, launders and recycles oil absorbent, t-rags, shop towels and wipers ensuring reductions in labor, costs, and paperwork. By helping companies go green, Closed Loop Recycling consistently empowers industries to reduce environmental impacts while providing entrepreneurial growth.  With payment on delivery, exceptional quality and product efficiency are just a few steps away.

For your convenience we have provided several options for ordering. If you are confident in your choice, you can save time by ordering online. However, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-873-3645 and speak to one of our professionals. They will ensure that your selection is perfect for your situation.

If you live in St.Louis, or are just visiting, we invite you to visit our warehouse! We would be privileged to show you our products. Our managers will gladly allow you to test our absorbent pads. If you are outside the St. Louis area, we can ship our in-stock items in 1-2 business days, guaranteed!


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